I didn’t bring with me my bible or journal, but that’s okay. It gave me the chance to speak to Him without a pen and paper. I saw Him in the beauty of the world. Taking the long way home to see some mountains.

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Pittsburgh,  PA.

Our last stop. I’ve never seen so much yellow in all of my life. The fans here are like die hard fans. Hard not to get all excited with them!  (at Heinz Field)
Although this trip has been amazing so far, I can’t believe how much my heart aches being away from her for this long and this far. I miss her so much.
Found these giant checker & chest boards and we’re having a little fun before we hit the road again. 
Oh Canada. You were a surpirse. 🍁
Niagara, NY

Our tour guides name was ‘Art’ and when we would get too far away from him he would say ‘come here my little Arts’. I wanted to put that little old man in my purse and take him with me back to TX. 

By the way, this place was amazing. A beauty I could never fully picture. 
Hmm, I should of read some of the titles before picking up a roadtrip read. I wonder what what type of donkey I deserve. 
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Menphis, Tennessee
You were so good to me. Well, us. 
When I begin to feel unloved, I must remember to look at Christ; for He is love, and I cannot deny what He is in me.
T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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I write her secrets, stories, and quotes. Wonder what I should tell her today.  #lettersforKayleigh

Trail socks are perfect for exploring mountains or cozying up in bed on a weekend like @standard_of_grace #bluemovement
Mamma knows best when it comes to my work outfits. 

The heels do hurt though. 
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